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Yihaaa!! WE DID IT!

We reached the goal over 117% and we got 174 contributions from 33 countries around the world! Now it’s my duty to make the best book I can create and ship to you as soon as possible! My plan is to have it till the end of this October, I will keep you updated via Indiegogo mail service. I will also recheck all the addresses before sending the Books, just in case. I will put all your names on the Thank you page this week!

Thank you so much for believe in this project.


Pablo and Pablo Bear.

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Last 15 days


Hi everyone!

it´s been an exciting time with the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo so far. Now we are starting the last 15 days to contribute and we are at 85 % of the goal! You are awesome!! We need now the last push to get it done! so, don´t to share the campaign with your friends and family.

Thank you so much! i never tough this dream will one day come true.

Sincerely, Pablo

Here is the link:

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Streaming the first chapter

Hi readers,

I was live streaming the first chapter of the book i´m trying to finance on indiegogo and the people could interact and ask me questions! It was a lot of fun. I will repeat next week so keep tuned for more news.

Pablo Bear goes to Asia

Hello my readers,

First of all I want to thank you again for following my adventures around the world. Without you this blog would be not the same as it is and you are the motivation i have for keep traveling and drawing. This time I have a big announcement to make, I´m starting the crowdfunding campaing for the book about my travels in Asia! This book is the result of the first travel I did in Asia that was the starting point for this blog. the link for the campaign the campaign on indiegogo.


If you remember I was traveling 6 months in Asia meeting local artist and drawing my adventures along the way and after coming back I started to put my ideas together and after 2 years in the making I finished a comic book, my first comic book!



And now I´m asking your help to get the costs for the Book printing! It will be the first edition and you can support it by donating and pre-ordering or simply by sharing it with your friends and family. You can visit the campaign on indiegogo.


Thank you very much and I wish you #happytravels !

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Talk at Kadir Has university

I met Cagri (designer on the road), a world traveler from Turkey, last year in Berlin. Since then we kept the contact and when I was ready to visit Istanbul he invited me to have a talk about my drawing-travels with his students at the Kadir Has university. It was fun to meet them! here some pictures of that day. Thanks to Cagri for the invitation.


One week in Istanbul part 1

I love lists, yes, and mostly if they are about exciting destinations I want to visit one day. And one of this destinations on my list is Istanbul and i made the “check” last week. I was spending 7 days in this vibrant city. One of the most amazing things about Istanbul first you are in Europe and 15 minutes later you are in Asia or better said Middle east. That situation makes this city a “must” for every curious traveller. Here some of my favourites moments about food, drawing, university visit and more. Teşekkürler Istanbul!

Eminönü (The Old part)

First thing you will do is visit the old part where all the tourist attractions are located, we were staying on the other side of the Galata bridge in the neighbourhood called Beyoğlu and it was very easy to cross by walk and visit many Mosques, markets and restaurant/street food.



Sultan Ahmed (blue mosque): Called this way because of the blue tiles adorning the walls of its interior.


Hagia Sofia: it was first a church and now it´s a Mosque from outside, it is beautiful inside.


Süleymaniye Cami


Yeni Cami (New Mosque): It is the first mosque you will see from the galata bridge and you have to go inside, it has so many details on it walls.



Grand Bazaar: It´s very nice to see from inside but the offering are mostly gold objects and things you can find in other stores too.


Eminönü Market (Spices Market) : This one was my favourite much better and nicer then the Grand Bazaar to buy and try things. Avoid it on weekends if you don´t want to bu stuck in the crowd.


Topkapi Palace


Don´t miss the Harem inside the Palace, it´s wonderful


CmC group show in Berlin

webflyer_700spacevacuum (1)

Hello readers! I want to let you know that I´m part of the CMC ( ) group show showcasing Matt Jones , Niels de Jong , Nadine Nicole Stewart, Ivana Rubelj and my work next thursday in Berlin. I hope to meet you there!

When: Thursday 6th March 2014
18.30pm start / closes at 10.30pm

Where: The Oslo Kaffe Bar
Eichendorffstrasse 13, Berlin

and here a preview of my paintings!

1 2 3


cintiq companion road show

As you already know I love to draw on paper, but I also love to draw on any type of device that can allow me to draw with precision. I use Wacom products since forever and I own a Cintiq 22 HD and an Intous 2 (yes an old one but it still works!) and when the Cintiq Companion came out I was very interested to test one to see how it feels but they sell them only on their online shop! But I was happy yo hear they were coming to Berlin to give users the chance to try it and I was of course there to check them out.


The venue was really nice and without any restriction I was able to try the new cintiq Companion and it is awesome! It feels like drawing on paper and Because i´m a cintiq user I feel it very comfortable for drawing. The size is also ok, I don´t know if I will take it with me to draw at the park or for long trips but for working on different offices it can be a winner. Here is the drawing I did while I was there,



The performance is really good and I think you can use all Adobe products without any problem, even I found it weird some of Adobe´s software are not so compatible with touch. The nice info guys explained me that you can add features with the touch strip so I was able to zoom in and out with a programmable button.


This was my short review of my short experience with a cintiq Companion and I wish one day I will be able to buy one. Here some more photos of the event

DSC03791 DSC03800 DSC03808